Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Expats

I love books.  Lately I haven't had much time to read and have been forced to get my reading 'fix' through audiobooks.  And one I highly recommend is called The Expats by Chris Pavone.  If you like a good thriller then Chris is your guy.

I learned of the book through an interview on the radio where the author spoke about the experience of moving his whole family to Europe so that his wife could pursue a career opportunity.  He found himself as a househusband and began to write about that experience.  However, as Chris explained, expanding upon the tedium of his daily life made for a tedius story.  So he decided to spice it up a bit.

Tackling the question of how much do we really ever know about others, including those close to us, resulted in an absolutely engrossing novel.  I highly reccomend that you check it out.  And it's also available as an audiobook from the Overdrive system at many local libraries (i.e. free!)  Ch Ch Check it out.


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