Sunday, July 6, 2014

Blueberry Vodka

Want to be the hit of the party?  Show up with a bottle of this stuff: 

And, as always, it's easy.  All you'll need is a bag of frozen blueberries (I personally recommend Wymans Frozen wild Maine blueberries), a large mason jar or other covered type pitcher or jar and your favorite unflavored vodka.  

Place the frozen blueberries into the clean jar, cover with vodka, close the top and shake.  Leave the jar on your counter or in the fridge and give it a good shake every time you pass by. (Make sure the top is secure because vodka is a solvent and is going to remove all the 'blue' from the blueberries which I imagine will stain). 

After a day or two you'll notice that the blueberries have given up their color and turned rather white

Have a little taste. If you think it's got enough flavor then strain the vodka back into the original container using a funnel and sieve to keep out the now wasted blueberries.  Resist temptation to eat the blueberries. They have no flavor anymore- it's all in your booze. 

Toss the vodka into the freezer and pull it out to the amazement of your friends next time they're over.  One of the best uses in my humble opinion is in a delicious grown up blueberry lemonade.  

Check back tomorrow for the recipe! 

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