Sunday, August 3, 2014

Best way to make a marinade

Though I was done with 'bests' yesterday? Well you're wrong.  There's also a best way to whip up a marinade.  Your days cleaning of extra bowls, Tupperware etc are over.

Do it in a bag.  Any close-able and disposable gallon baggie will do but I happen to prefer the zip top ones because I'm more accident probe than the average person. 

Ok you're saying, I can do that. But how am I supposed to get all my ingredients into the bag without spilling them everywhere?  Oh I've got a suggestion for that too. Find a small deep bowl or, in this case, measuring cup. 

Stick the bottom of the bag into the mixing cup or bowl and drape the open top over the edges like so 

Now you can easily pour, grate and add ingredients to your hearts content. 

All without any extra cleanup for yourself. 

When you're done just add whatever you wanted to marinate to begin with, squeeze out the excess air, zip in toss it into the fridge.  

You're welcome. 

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