Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oat bran with grilled peaches

I couldn't resist buying a flat of peaches this week. But as always, there are always a few that aren't quite as ripe. This time I couldn't wait for them to come to peak so I cut them up and dusted them with some raw coconut sugar then tossed them on my little George Foreman grill. A few minutes later and they were perfect. 
Delicious!  These, along with some raw coconut sugar were mixed in with my daughters morning oat bran. 

And I have another little tip to share. Instead of scrubbing and sweating over the stuck on food, throughly wet a couple of paper towers, fold them and put them between the plates of your unplugged grill while you're eating. When you're done, the stuck on food will have steamed and loosened and can be easily cleaned. Enjoy! 

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