Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Audiobooks!!

Know what's worse than sitting stuck in traffic? Sitting there so long that you realize you've heard the same song played multiple times on the radio. Or heard the same news story over and over. Now that's annoying.

My solution? I try, whenever possible, to listen to audiobooks when I take long drives. No they're not the solution for your 3 minute drive to the grocer or even when you're picking the kids up from a play date etc but when you'll be in the car for 15 minutes or more, getting lost in a good book while also getting things done can be a happy solution.

But. There's always a but! Audiobooks are expensive! I mean each one can be as expensive as movie tickets for a family of 4 which is not cheap! So what's a girl to do? Ask your local library if they offer electronic resources through Overdrive.

Waaat?!? It's an online system that allows you to 'borrow' e-books, kindle books and Audiobooks from your local library without leaving the comfort of your own home. Just download the program to your computer or even an app to your iPhone, enter your library and library card info and get started!

It's an amazing service and its all free! Give it a try!

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