Monday, September 17, 2012

Pottery Barn Caterer's Flatware

More than 10 years ago I bought the most beautiful flatware from Pottery Barn.  It was called Lettuce and I was in love with it.  Still am actually. 
Love this!

But when I got divorced, my 12 place settings was cut to 6 and when I finally got around to buying more, I was told that the pattern had been discontinued. 

Usually the solution to this kind of problem is to google the pattern, search places like Replacements Ltd or even Craigslist.  But, it seems I wasn't the only one looking for my beloved pattern.  Hen's teeth are more common- and probably cheaper. 

When I finally grasped the idea that I was going to need to start all over I nearly choked at the prices of everyday flatware.  Selling 12 unused settings of silver that my Grandmother had bought me for my 12th birthday (great gift- NOT) would have just about netted enough to cover a new set of stainless.  Which made me mad.  So, I unwrapped my silver and just started using that.  Btw, it's perfectly good everyday stuff.  Just use Electrolux detergent in your dishwasher, keep it from touching anything stainless and it stays pretty much tarnish free.

But over time I got sick of burning my fingers on teaspoons as I stirred my coffee (silver is amazingly heat conductive) and started to pine away for regular old flatware.  When I resumed my search I found this: the Pottery Barn Caterer's set

At first I was skeptical.  How could it be so nice and so cheap?  Some reviewers said that it rusts a bit over time.  Would I be OK without the salad fork and teaspoons?  There's no way to know without trying so I ordered a set.  And guess what?  I love it!  I bought two more sets and divided them between home and the beach house.  Yes, every once in a while I notice a little spot of tarnish or what looks like rust.  But if you give it a little rub with Bar Keeper's Friend it's as good as new! 

So, if you're looking for a nice set of flatware that won't cost you $50 a place setting, then I recommend considering this set from Pottery Barn.  They now also have the option of purchasing 12 teaspoons or 12 salad forks for an additional $39.50.  Not bad!  


  1. They sell the teaspoons and salad forks, too! Thanks for the tip of the Barkeeper's Friend. I'm looking at this very set, and wondered how they would hold up.

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