Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Less visible cork board

When you're busy or have kids then all of those little slips of paper, reminders, invites etc are a fact of life.  You can accept it or drown in a sea of clutter.  Most of us go in one of two directions to tame the unruly beast of paper- we either cover our fridge with stuff held by magnets or we invest in a corkboard. 

Unfortunately for many of us, those beautiful stainless steel appliances we love so much don't support the magnet method.  And so we must seek out the corkboard which offends us least (can you tell I've given up on the idea that said board could actually enhance an area?).  And to this end, I propose the idea of the disappearing notice board.

Next time you're thinking of purchasing one of those lovely but expensive Pottery Barn upholstered beauty with ribbons and tufts consider this:

To create a place to hang those essential slips and notices which won't take over your decor you can simply buy plain cork squares and paint them with the same color as your walls.  And voila!

They're there....

But it's  not. 

I like it.

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