Thursday, September 6, 2012

How to not sever an artery

I hate the new nuclear holocaust strength plastic packaging that is used so widely today.
Ok, I'll admit that the plastic works in the case of a chef's knife but do we need to hermetically seal kids toys?

Firstly because on many occasions it has made me feel stupid but also because it's dangerous. Seriously. My neighbor was once opening a toy in front of her 3 young sons when the packaging ripped and sliced into her arm severing an artery. I kid you not! Imagine THOSE therapy bills.
Well I no longer worry because now I know a simple trick. You can open even the toughest of those buggers with a simple, standard, kitchen can opener.

Just clamp the can opener on the seam and twist as if you were opening some baked beans (mmmm baked beans!).

And voila! She's open. You're welcome.

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