Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Flip flop holder

My darling daughter has inherited a genetic condition.  Ok, maybe it's not exactly genetic given that she's inherited it from her Godmother but still... she sure didn't get it from me!  It's her love of clothes and shoes.  Admittedly, she has great taste and is very strategic about the purchases she makes but nevertheless, the stuff piles up!

We recently went through a huge purge of things which had mysteriously become too small and the clothes are temporarily tamed. But the shoes.  Oh the shoes!  There aren't enough shoe racks in the world for this kiddo and not all shoes are made for conventional racks.

Enter the flip flop holder!  I kid you not.  These things are great.  Perfectly engineered to hold not only flip flops

but a multitude of other things too like, say, cheer bows. 

I know.  This scares me too.

Love them and you can get them here:

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  1. So cool that I got a shout out on your blog today!! Thank you!!! And how cute is that flip flop holder?! Definitely a must for California homes!!!