Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sharpie on porcelain

I like to buy plates, mugs, platters etc made of plain white porcelain. Why? Am I so boring that I can't think of anything better? Nope. Actually, as usual, there's a rhyme to my reason.

First: everything matches white. Even off white. Go try it. Different shapes, manufacturers and even qualities of white porcelain will always work together.

Second: it gives a cohesive look to anything I do and always highlights the food.

Third: you can play with it. Maybe not juggle, but with a little creativity you can turn your plain white platters etc into the most customized stuff around. Little known fact: you can write in white porcelain with a sharpie and it will not wear off until you clean it with dish washing fluid. Seriously. The one exception is a crazed or cracked finish so ways test on the bottom side or in an inconspicuous place.

See? How cool is that?

And what if you got a set of colored sharpies and went to town? Instant customized china! Let your kids decorate plates for the next thanksgiving or Christmas. Believe me, your family will be snapping pics of your plates faster that you can say cheese.

Oh, and what about that beloved tray you're taking to your neighbor who has yet to return your hedge clippers from 2007?  Write your name on the bottom!  At the very least, you'll be able to claim it later...

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  1. Hi!
    That sounds cool! The only question is, isn't that toxic to eat off a plate that has marker on it?