Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ashleys Amazing Roasted Figs

My friend Ashley is a culinary genius.  Not the 'I can cook anything my favorite Cookbook author publishes' kind of genius.  More like the 'Wouldn't this little twist make an awesome thing even better' type.    It's like she's a food psychic.  She can see what something yummy needs to make it really delicious.  It's a gift.  And, fortunately for Ashley's friends, it's a gift that she's always ready to share.  Yum.  Today for your consideration, I present Ashley's Amazing Roasted Figs.

But that seems so familiar you might say.  Doesn't the Barefoot Contessa or someone do something like that?  Well, sort of.  But I assure you that as much as I adore Ina, Prosciutto wrapped figs existed long before her recipe evolved.  Ashley's figs are different from most in that she skips the honey, adds a splash of delicious balsamic vinegar and later presents with a small bowl of goat cheese should any takers choose to go over the top and dress these babies with a dollop of Chevre.   Ashley's deliciousness was more likely inspired by her recent trip to Italy than any particular cookbook. She's cool like that. It's good to have friends.  Especially ones like Ashley.  Seriously.

To make Ashley's Amazing Figs you will need some ripe, Black Mission Figs.  Cut each fig in half through the stem end straight down to the bottom.  Line the sliced figs cut side up on a baking sheet.  Don't they look yummy already?

Then you take these beauties and drizzle them with a little Balsamic Vinegar.  Oops I'm already drooling a little.  Embarassing.

Next you wrap each little jewel with the finest wisp of real, honest to goodness Prosciutto di Parma.  This is no time for imitators!

Once all of the figs are wrapped, place them under the broiler until the prosciutto is crispy and the figs are warm.  Wouldn't it have been great if I'd gotten a picture of this step instead of going off to pour myself a glass of wine?

Lastly, arrange the crispy wrapped figs on a beautiful platter around a small bowl of your favorite plain (as in unflavored, not boring) goat cheese.  Encourage your friends and family to place a small dollop of said goat cheese atop any roasted figs that you yourself have not already gobbled.  Oh, on that note, make sure you prepare plenty so that there are some for the guests after you 'sample' a dozen or so.  Otherwise you'll be left with an empty platter and, quite frankly, a bunch of pissed off people.  Sharing is caring folks.

Sorry about the lack of photos for the latter half of this recipe.  I blame the wine but I'm pretty sure that Ashley is on to my real plan which is that she's going to have to make them AGAIN so that I can properly complete this report.  She may be the cool, talented friend but in the sneaky department I reign supreme!

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