Monday, August 6, 2012

Votives in glasses

We have all see the gorgeous table settings in magazines with their perfectly laid out place settings, flowers and candles.  Oh those candles!  Imagine the parties you could have if only you could set a table as beautiful and romantic as that!
Well you can!  And it's not hard or expensive either.  You don't need fancy holders or candleabras.  They're votives for goodness sake.  Yes you could go to your favorite fancy schmancy store and get leaded crystal tiny goblets but what's the point?  At Crate and Barrel you can get a set of 9 Glass Party Candles for $15 ($20 if you include shipping). 

And the best part?  These babies are refillable!  Once the included candles burn down then pop them into the freezer for a couple of hours.  Once frozen, the candle nubs will easily come loose with just a tap on the bottom of the holder.  Then refill the candle with another votive (Darice Unscented 12-Hour Votive Candle 30-Pack) and you're good to go!  Scatter all nine along the center of your dinner table or get two sets and use the extras between platters on your buffet etc for even more drama!  Beautiful.

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