Thursday, August 30, 2012

The King of Ice Cream Makers

I think I've previously mentioned that I like to make ice cream. I'm not huge on eating it but the creative process of coming up with flavors is fun for me.  I used to use my standard 'freeze the canister' one use machine and it was great. Until I got frustrated by the need to keep the canister in my always crowded freezer. Then I brainstormed a reason to get this:

Th Cuisinart ICE-50BC Supreme Ice Cream Maker  (Doesn't that sort of name seem like it needs an echo or something?  Maker, Maker, Maker- maybe it's me...) This baby has her own compressor so she can run all day of you'd like without the need to stop and refreeze. Yum. Of course the less gluttonous among us are very well served by the classic freezer canister and hand cranked ice cream makers.  I think I once even saw a soccer ball that you kicked around and it froze ice cream.  That'd work too.

This week I used my ice cream maker to freeze some green apple juice that I'd made with my juice man juicer I talked about yesterday. The result was Green Apple Sorbet.  Ok, actually that was just step 2.  I then took the sorbet and mixed it with vodka and made Frozen Green Apple Martinis. 

I'll post the recipe tomorrow...
This is the kind of picture you take when you've been drinking martinis out of a highball glass. 

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