Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I inherited a Juiceman Juicer from my Stepmother who had received it from her brother.  I guess it had been a wedding gift that he and his wife never even opened.  Oh well, their loss.  For me, the juicer was a revelation. 

I've used this baby to make some of the most delicious cocktails I've ever had.  Oh, and also some very healthy juices too.  Unlike the many waffle makers, electric griddles and other gadgets I've bought in my life, this one had legs.  And I used it so much that I actually went out and bought this: 

The Magimix Le Duo Plus juicer!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this juicer.

Worst picture ever alert...
I'm a huge fan of Magimix appliances but just haven't yet gotten the guts to buy one of their food processors.  They're REALLY expensive.  And this juicer wasn't cheap either.  I think I paid about $250 for it on Amazon. (Roland Magimix Le Duo Plus Juicer )They're currently out of stock there and be careful when purchasing one of these babies as most of them are wired for European electricity and won't work in the US.  But, if you can find one, grab it!  I use it all the time.  It's even got a smoothie attachment that allows you to juice berries which you can't do with most other juicers.  It's heaven.

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