Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Plagued by Fruit Files!!

If you've ever been so unlucky as to have woken up to a kitchen full of fruit flies then you'll understand why I hate them so much. They're nasty! And what if one flies up your nose or something! Ack!  Well this happened to me this week. Not the nose part, Thank God! But the swarm part. "Holy crap what did you do??" you ask?  I went Rambo on those suckers.

Artistic Fruit fly image courtesy of shioshvili I was too grossed out to think of taking a picture.

OK maybe not Rambo. More like google. I needed a way to kill them fast (any of you readers out there who wish to tell me of the huge role that fruit flies played in Our modern understanding of genetics can just skip it. I went to 7th grade too. They're still gross.) And what did I find?? This:

A fruit fly trap! It's perfect and it really works. No need to run to the store or invest in some odd looking thing, just make one yourself! Mine is just a bowl with some left over wine in the bottom. Just kidding. There's never left over wine at my house!  I was just saying that to make you think I'm not as much of a booze hound as I am.  Never mind.  Anyway, I had to open a new bottle but I made sure to close it up tight because the idea of a fruit fly in my wine is just too much.

Wrap the top of the bowl tightly with cling wrap, punch a couple of small holes with a paring knife and let the trapping begin!  I guess fruit flies are stupider than even Mendel (see I DID go to 7th grade!) knew because they're attracted by the delicious aroma of my carefully selected house red, crawl in through the holes then are unable to escape.  On the upside, they do get to die by drowning in wine which, if you ask me, isn't the worst way to go.

So, if you've paid attention thus far you've learned how to rid yourself of nasty flying pests and you've got an open bottle of wine.  Maybe you should take that wine and a good book to a room far from the flies and enjoy the rest of your day.   Oh, and next time, wash off your fruit when you come home from the store.  You're welcome.

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