Friday, August 10, 2012

Electric blue lemonade

In my ongoing quest to find the perfect House Speciality drink for the summer I've made quite a few winners and even a couple of duds.  Right now the leader in the race is the Electric Blue Lemonade.  Sounds fun, right?

The Electric Blue Lemonade is a pretty cocktail and it's easy to prepare as well.  Which comes in handy after you've consumed a couple...  Begin by selecting a tall glass that will fit your super cool cubic ice (see previous post "Ultimate Ice").

Directly on top of the ice pour 1oz of Blue Curacao.  Then top that with one shot of vodka or to taste (but don't pour too heavily because I guarantee you'll be wanting more than one of these babies so you'd better save room!)  Lastly, fill to the top with lemonade.  I've tried a number of brands including SanPelligrino Lemonata, Simply Lemonade, various store brands and Newman's Own Organic Lemonade.  By far the tasters at my house have found that the Newman's Own Organic Lemonade works best in this libation.  Don't be afraid to take a picture of this baby.  She's ready for her close up!

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