Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Raspberry Vodka

Want to show your friends that you really are super awesome?  Make them booze.  Not just any booze, mind you.  Make the good stuff.  Today I introduce the biggest bang for your laziest buck- Raspberry Vodka.

WOW!  You say... looks amazing.  Mostly cause it is.  But it's also easy too.  And I'll gladly show you how.  Take a one gallon container (I choose giant Mason Jars because I just love them) and add two pints of washed raspberries.  Then fill to the top with Vodka.  Personally, I go for Skyy because it's 1. cheap and 2. doesn't give me a giant headache.  What's not to love??

Set this baby out on your counter and give it a good shake every time you walk by.  In two to three days you'll have Raspberry heaven!  When you think it's raspberry enough (yes I do coin my own phrases from time to time) remove the raspberries as they will have lost all their color and taste by now.  Store in the fridge or freezer for two weeks.  Of course it will be gone by then so maybe you should make some for your friends...  Just sayin'

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