Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ultimate Ice

Ultimate Ice??  Is this going to be a post about the jewelry of rappers?  Nope.  Think Ice as in the cold stuff.  We all have it and probably use it every day.  But have you ever had the ultimate ice?  If you haven't tried Tovolo's mega ice trays I think it's fair to say that you haven't.  Their apperance is deceptively simply.  On the surface they look like just another pretty silicon ice contraption.  But no, looks can be deceiving. 

These babies will freeze you up perfectly square, perfectly wonderful blocks of ice.  Just one is enough to cool your drink and the smaller surface area to volume ratio means not only that one cube will do the job of two or three less excellent old types but also that they melt more slowly than the conventional cubes so your drink will be colder and less watered down.  Yay!

At up to $8.50 per 6 cube tray they're not exactly cheap but they do come in beautiful colors and are absolutely a conversation piece.  Just make sure that these babies will fit into your glasses before you make the investment!!

photo curtousy of Daniel G. Lebryk, amazing Amazon Reviewer
Find a gorgeous selection of colors at your local Kitchen Supply store or on Amazon: Tovolo KING Cube Ice Trays, Green

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